The authors of these « little nuggets » let us discover these lost places for a moment, they have the keys and the codes, and thanks to them we can find the places from our childhood again, places where to think without worrying about what you say, without wanting to be anything other than what we are. "

Excerpt from the preface written by Geneviève Damas – 2016

This second collection of the News Flashs from Créahm (les Brèves du Créahm) follows the little pink booklet that asked us 2 minutes of affection. These small unexpectedly perceived sentences have a special taste, similar to those found in the designs of our artists, this form of raw art that touches us and that we defend. We enjoy these light, frank and informal words. We love these wonderful language errors, these distortions of formulas. We are struck by the poetry and the philosophy that come from certain thoughts.