The main goal stays unchanging for years: develop the creativity of the artists and to increase their personal knowledge.
An axis consists to respect the personal path and to helps a positive evolution by stimulating new experiences, by setting up innovative collaborations.
At the origin of the project, the plastic studio found its rhythm. When you enter it, the sensation is particular. A common universe which gathers different intimacies and independent personalities. If the techniques are still drawing, painting, sculpture or engraving, it is usual to see them working on new experimentations like mosaics, textile or digital art.
Projects are always the visible part of an important work developed before in the studio.
The pleasure, the acknowledgement and the recognition that the artists are feeling during the public events have to be reinjected during the workshops. The collective actions are linked to the individual projects.

Facilitators: Gentiane Angeli, Marie Blondiau, Berga Fournier, Lidia Galo, Patrick Marczewski